Sunday, May 25, 2008

How it will work or everyone gets to play!

every one who signs up will get a chance to win something.

it will be a point system.

first 5 to finish will get 10 points, next 15 will get 5 points, next 30 will get 3 points…anyone who finishes a pair during Super Sock Scarefest will get a point.

scary photos of finished objects and knits in progress will be voted on, the top 5 will get 10 points, the next 5 will get 5 points, and the last 5 will get 3 points.

and if you can substantiate that its your first pair of socks EVER, you get 20 points, cuz we were all scared to death making our first pair!!!!

use an etsy yarn and get 4 bonus points.

what will you win? i have no idea yet! depends on who donates prizes and stuff :0) but it will be fun!

( have a prize to donate? email me! yarn yenta at yahoo ofcourse!)

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